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Although the night can bring technical challenges, we see it as an opportunity to get amazing shots, like this one of Carl and Michelle at the North Shore Hotel in Skegness.

One of our favorite parts of a wedding is the night time. For us it’s always a fun time where we try to capture something that is really unique and different for the bride and groom.

Jay Mumby Photography 2016

β€œ Our night time shots are amazing I never could have imagined anything like them. Everyone who looks at our wedding pics comment on how stunning and creative they are. Thank you so much for beautifully capturing every part of our day xxx ”

John & Sharon

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My approach is to find different, interesting spots or backdrops to use strong lighting effects and unusual angles to capture the energy, fun, love, beauty and emotion of one the best days of your life.

The reception is a great time to get some less traditional, fun, creative wedding photos. With the natural light changes and my own twist of special effects, this is the perfect time to create some beautiful bespoke memories. All of of our beautiful night shots are created right there in the moment with you meaning your photo's have not been photoshopped or edited to create these amazing effects.

Jay Mumby Photography 2016